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You're looking to grow, but wondering how?

We at Mevaseret are here to unleash the greatness within you, through connection to Torah, Rebbeim, and yourself.

Its about digging deeper, accessing your truest self, and becoming the you of your dreams.

Challenging and encouraging you throughout,

YOUR most authentic self is cultivated to strive and succeed.

Our Staff

Rav Yedidya Berzon – Rosh Mosdot Mevaseret

Rav Yedidya Berzon

Rosh Mosdos Mevaseret
Rav Shimon Isaacson

Rav Shimon Isaacson

Rosh Yeshiva
Rav Mordechai Burg

Rav Mordechai Burg


What Our Students Say!

"At Mevaseret, the Rebbeim exemplify a life guided by Torah. They help you gain clarity that Torah and Judaism guide every moment of your life"

Shmuel Gelbfish Brooklyn, NY JEC

"The environment at Mevaseret is extremely conductive to meeting many different people. The guys who were once strangers are now some of my closest friends!"




Eli Englard Teaneck, NJ Torah Academy of Bergen County

"Yeshivat Sha’arei Mevaseret Zion is not just a place to learn and grow, but a place that fosters lifelong relationships with Rebbeim and peers"




Shlomo Bosin Memphis, Tennessee Cooper Yeshiva

"What I love about Mevaseret is that everyone is open and accepting. It doesn’t matter where you are from. My roommates came from all over, and I couldn’t have asked for better friends"




Harry Bernzweig Columbus, Ohio Columbus Torah Academy

"Every word they say about the Rebbeim at Mevaseret is true. They are intelligent, kind and down-to-earth. They really inspire me to be passionate about Torah learning"




Gabriel Aspir North Woodmere, NY HAFTR 

"The Rebbeim at Mevaseret have so much positive energy. Their genuine love for Judaism is really contagious. They get the talmidim so excited to learn every day"




Shlomo Meisels Teaneck, NJ MTA

"Whether you’re learning in the beis midrash, playing ball on the court, or chilling in the dorms there’s just an amazing vibe throughout the whole yeshiva"




Lev Shulman West Hempstead, NY Rambam

"What makes Mevaseret so loved by the students? The dedicated Rebbeim. They go to great lengths to bond closely with their Talmidim. These bonds  help inside the Beis Midrash, but also outside yeshiva with personal topics"

Ben Smillie  Hamilton, Ontario. Fasman Yeshiva High School

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