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Build Your Mevaseret Day!

Morning Seder

Morning Seder at Mevaseret offers Shiurim in Gemara B’Iyun at every level. Seasoned and inspiring Rebbeim guide you to take your skills to the next level, teaching you to become a lifelong learner. They nurture a deep bond with their Talmidim, becoming their Rebbe for life.

Shana Alef

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Rav Isaacson's Shiur

“This is a high-level ‘Lomdishe’ Shiur, designed to teach the analytical skills and methodology that you need to learn a Sugya on your own.  The presentation is clear and interactive, with significant give and take between the Rebbe and Talmidim, and between the Talmidim themselves.  You will walk away appreciating the depth, beauty and Geshmak of high-level Gemara learning.”

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Rav Hirschel’s Shiur

“In this Shiur, every Talmid gets involved and develops a real love of learning.  The emphasis is on accurate reading of the text and proper understanding of the multiple approaches to the Sugya. The focus on skill-building will empower you to continue learning throughout your life, on whatever path you choose. We also work on individual growth and our relationship with Hashem. The goal is to become more inspired, passionate, and motivated Jews.”

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Rav Bloom’s Shiur

“The goal of our Shiur is to develop a love of Torah and a love of Hashem.  Before each Shiur, we discuss a variety of topics on personal development, such as Tefilah, Emunah, and building character traits. The Gemara Shiur itself is aimed at building textual skills and mastering the multiple Sugyot with the Rishonim. You will gain confidence in learning, with increasing accuracy and clarity, and be able to study Gemara independently.”


Rav Apfel's Shiur

“Our Shiur is far from a generic classroom of academic study. It is a dynamic experience which integrates high-level conceptual Gemara analysis with a relaxed and encouraging social atmosphere. If you are looking for in-depth learning and discussions about religious and personal growth, then you will be one of the contributing members of this highly interactive Shiur.”

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Rav Ben’s Shiur

“Our Shiur is far from a generic classroom of academic study. It is a dynamic experience which integrates high-level conceptual Gemara analysis with a relaxed and encouraging social atmosphere. If you are looking for in-depth learning and discussions about religious and personal growth, then you will be one of the contributing members of this highly interactive Shiur.”

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Rav Elberger's Shiur

"Our Shiur blends together conceptual analysis and careful reading to dig deep into the Neshama of the Sugya. Interactive and engaging, we don't just learn Mefarshim, we learn how to become Mefarshim. Come gain the skills and learn how to creatively mold the Sugya with your mind, heart, and soul. Challenge yourself to find the beauty that comes with mastery and clarity in the Gemara, and have fun! Our goal is to make you the Lamdan that wants to use what he gained, past Yeshiva, and love high level learning for life."

Shana Bet

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Rav Saffer’s Shiur

The Shiur approaches the analysis of the Gemara utilizing the Brisker Derech which often results in novel and abstract Halachik concepts. However, like his Rebbi, Ha'Gaon Rav Yehudah Parnes Shlit’a,  Rav Saffer’s Shiur focuses on the learning process.  With guided Seder, daily Shiur and nightly Chazara with their Rebbeim, Rav Saffer’s Shiur provides every Talmid the opportunity to experience Gishmak in Learning and take with him a Derech Ha'Limud for life.


Rav Beiser’s Shiur

Rav Beiser's Shana Bet morning Shiur is both dynamic and demanding.  The Chavrusa learning portion of Seder is guided, but independence is encouraged, both in terms of the textual analysis as well as the search for the underlying logic.  Utilizing classic Rishonim and Acharonim, the goal is to gain proficiency in understanding the nuanced structure of any given Sugya.  The Shiur portion of the morning both clarifies the Meforshim and distills the salient points of the topic at hand so the Talmidim can walk away with a firm grasp on the material.  Clarity and sophistication are the mottos of the shiur, both in and out of the Beis Midrash.

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Rav Glanz’s Shiur

The goal of my Iyun Gemara Shiur is to teach the Talmidim how to learn and analyze Gemara. The Shiur is less of a presentation and more interactive in order to involve the Talmidim in understanding the process of thinking behind the Gemara and Rishonim. The hope is that the Talmidim will walk away with a process and method to analyzing Gemara in depth.

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Rav Arnold’s Shiur

“This dynamic student-centric environment is geared to the motivated student who wants to sweat!

You won’t be taught what to think - but rather how to think independently about any text you will ever read. Identify the clues that enable deciphering an unfamiliar Gemara fluently. Analyze each step of the process using the methodology of the Rishonim. Focused on collaborative discovery, the Shiur is driven by active learning and energized debate, and not by passive listening to a lecture.  Don’t expect to sit back and relax!
You will hone your analytical skills, and be challenged to support any proposed conclusion with precise textual evidence.  Rather than solely focusing on the content, the shiur aims to equip you with the portable tools to successfully engage in advanced Gemara study for the rest of your life.”

Afternoon Seder

The Mevaseret learning schedule is diverse.
Afternoon Seder has two parts: Gemara Bekiut and Electives.
Gemara Bekiut is available in every skill level. 
All Bekiut Shiurim include Chavruta learning in the Beit Medrash.  Some Bekiut tracks are spent entirely in the Beit Medrash, in interactive learning style with an assigned Rebbe as their guide.
Other Bekiut options include both a formal Shiur and Chavruta time. While some groups complete hundreds of blatt of Gemara and master entire Masechtot, amassing content is not the central goal.  Rather, the focus is on clarity and building fundamental Gemara skills. Bekiut takes your learning to the next level, and this sense of accomplishment remains with you for life.
Elective shiurim cover a variety of topics: Hashkafa, Chassidut, Emunah, Halacha, Tanach, and more. Choose the Shiurim that will both excite your mind and ignite your soul.



Rav Burg's Tanya Shiur

This is an in-depth analysis of the foundational work of Chassidut, Tanya. Join our Shiur as we explore the inner world of Torah, develop a relationship with Hashem, all while discovering the story of you.


Rav Chanan Apfel


Rav Daniel Apfel


Rav Berzon


Rav Isaacson

Rav Bloom


Rav Cabessa


Rav Glanz


Rav Green


Rav Levy


Rav Saffer


Rav Schrier


Rav Steinherz


Rav Wenglin


Rav Isaacson


Beit Medrash Hatmadah Program.

Learn what you choose, under the guidance of an assigned Rebbi.  Learning can be either solo or B'Chavruta.

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The Ladder of Life
Rav Hirschel

Rav Hirschel’s thought-provoking discussions, rooted in Mussar and Hashkafa, discuss how to climb the ladder called LIFE. From Shana Alef, to college, to Dating, Marriage, and the Workforce, how can we live our best life possible? What is my mission in life?

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Rav Burg

Rav Burg leads the boys as they explore the important and relevant life lessons that you will need as your journey through life. What does life look like in 30 years? What are your values? This Shiur bridges the gap between who you are and who you want to be.


In-Depth Tefilla
Rav Glanz

In this Shiur, Rav Glanz and the Talmidim dive into a comprehensive study of the fundamentals of Tefillah. 

Rebbe Nachman's Sefer Sichos HaRan is also analyzed, focusing in on the wisdom we need to fight the Yetzer Hara and grow closer to Hashem.

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Contemporary Hashkafic Challenges
Rav Apfel

An in depth overview of challenging contemporary issues in Machshava and Hashkafa, with topics ranging from the age of universe and evolution, to choosing one’s own Hashkafa and the role of a Rebbe in one’s life.

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Hilchot Shabbat
Rav Isaacson

With a list of topics that include making a double knot on shoelaces, connecting jigsaw puzzles or playing scrabble, and playing basketball, this שיעור will analyze all the relevant 39 Melachos and give students a real working knowledge of the intricate details of Hilchot Shabbat.


Controversies, Cries & Heroes
Rav Schrier

From the Alter of Kelm to Rav Dessler, from Rebbe Nachman of Breslov to the Kotzker, and from Rav Yaakov Ettlinger to Rav Soloveitchik, every Torah giant left their unique mark on Jewish history. Rav Schrier delves into the greatest controversies and challenges in Jewish history and discuss how leaders of each generation responded and triumphed. 


Hashem And I- Finding Your Personal Connection to Hashem
Rav Steinherz

Ever feel passive in your observance of the Mitzvot, just being told what to do? In this Shiur, the Talmidim learn to make their Avodat Hashem personal and awaken the “I” in their relationship with Hashem.

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Lonely Man of Faith
Rav Berzon


An in-depth study of one of Rav Soloveitchik’s fundamental essays, The Lonely Man of Faith, researching the inner struggles and insights into the development of faith.


The Five Levels of Pleasure
Rav Green

What pleasure should we be pursuing? Is that even allowed? In this course, Rav Green discusses the different levels of pleasure available in life, and the inevitable challenges and pitfalls that we all encounter in the pursuit of them.

Night Seder

The first slot of night Seder consists of Chazara of morning Seder Shiur and our Shana Alef–Shana Bet Chavruta program. Chazara is instrumental in attaining true mastery of the Gemara, and the Chavruta program offers our students a chance to connect, learn with, and learn from our more experienced Talmidim. 


During the second slot of Night Seder, Talmidim choose from a wide range of inspiring Hashkafa Shiurim, highlighting Mevaseret’s diverse schedule.