Build Your Mevaseret day!


Morning Seder

Morning Seder at Mevaseret offers shiurim in Gemara B’iyun at every level. Seasoned and inspiring Rebbeim guide you to take your skills to the next level, teaching you to become a lifelong learner. They nurture a deep bond with their talmidim, becoming their Rebbe for life.


Rav Arnold’s Shiur

“This is a dynamic student-centric environment geared to the intermediate-level student who wants to sweat! You won’t be taught what to think - but rather how to think independently - as we analyze each step of the process using the methodology of the Rishonim. Focused on collaborative discovery, the shiur is driven by active learning and energized debate, and not by passive listening to a lecture.  Don’t expect to sit back and relax! You will hone your analytical skills, and be challenged to support any proposed conclusion with precise textual evidence.  Rather than solely focusing on the content, the shiur aims to equip you with the portable tools needed to engage in Gemara in the future.”


Rav Hirschel’s Shiur

“In this shiur, every talmid gets involved and develops a real love of learning.  The emphasis is on accurate reading of the text and proper understanding of the multiple approaches to the sugya. The focus on skill-building will empower you to continue learning throughout your life, on whatever path you choose. We also work on individual growth and our relationship with Hashem. The goal is to become more inspired, passionate, and motivated Jews.”


Rav Ben’s Shiur

“Our shiur is far from a generic classroom of academic study. It is a dynamic experience which integrates high-level conceptual Gemara analysis with a relaxed and encouraging social atmosphere. If you are looking for in-depth learning and discussions about religious and personal growth, then you will be one of the contributing members of this highly interactive shiur.”


Rav Bloom’s Shiur

“The goal of our shiur is to develop a love of Torah and a love of Hashem.  Before each shiur, we discuss a variety of topics on personal development, such as tefilah, emunah, and building character traits. The Gemara shiur itself is aimed at building textual skills and mastering the multiple sugyot with the Rishonim. You will gain confidence in learning, with increasing accuracy and clarity, and be able to study Gemara independently.”


Rav Isaacson's Shiur

“This is a high-level ‘lomdishe’ shiur, designed to teach the analytical skills and methodology that you need to learn a sugya on your own.  The presentation is clear and interactive, with significant give and take between the Rebbe and talmidim, and between the talmidim themselves.  You will walk away appreciating the depth, beauty and geshmak of high-level Gemara learning.”


Rav Lovy's Shiur

"Our shiur looks to dig deep into the neshama of the sugya. Interactive and engaging, this is an advanced level shiur with a focus on clarity and taking ownership of the topic. Challenge yourself to uncover the beauty and depth beneath the surface, and have fun!  Feel more and more at home with the actual text,  gain passion and learn to 'love the lomdus.'  Develop an approach and love that stays for life."


Afternoon Seder

The Mevaseret learning schedule is diverse.

Afternoon Seder has two parts: electives and Gemara Bekiut.

Elective shiurim cover a variety of topics: Hashkafa, Chassidut, Emunah, Halacha, Tanach,

and more. Choose the shiurim that will both excite your mind and ignite your soul.

Gemara Bekiut shiurim are available for every skill level. Some shiurim complete hundreds of blatt of Gemara and master entire masechtot, while others focus more on building fundamental Gemara skills. Bekiut takes your learning to the next level, and you will feel

a sense of accomplishment that stays with you for life.



Real Deal Halacha
Rav Binyomin Beiser

Do you have halacha questions that bothered you before, but you never really tried to get the answers?  What's real halacha, what's "just a minhag," and what's just plain stupid!  Now is your chance to find out the real deal in a fast-paced, interactive and dynamic shiur.


You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers
Rav Mordechai Burg

We all have fundamental questions about Judaism, but did you ever explore the answers? This shiur encourages respectful and thoughtful dialogue, questioning and clarifying the basic tenets of our faith. How can we be passionate about a religion if we have doubts? All authentic seekers of truth are welcome.

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Eyes Wide Open: Back To Basics  Fundamentals in Faith
Rav Daniel Steinherz

Even if you learned “how” to be Jewish, you were probably never taught “why”. Many of us are ignorant of the meaning behind our relationship with G-d. In this shiur, no question is taboo. Does G-d exist? What is G-d? Why did G-d create the world? What does G-d want from me, and most importantly, Why should I care? In a blunt and open style, you will challenge and clarify the “Why” behind all that we do, and learn to walk through life with “Eyes Wide Open”.

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Rav Daniel Glanz

 Why do we Daven?  Can we really change Hashem’s Mind? How can I concentrate when I don’t understand the words? Explore the answers to these questions and learn how sincere Tefilla can change your life, your relationship with Hashem and the world around you.  Soon you’ll ask, why do we only daven three times a day!

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Mastering Tanach
Rav Yehuda Gold

Always wanted to master Tanach? Curious about the wars, the conquests, the struggles and the wonders Am Yisrael experienced during their first few centuries in the Promised Land? Join us on our journey through the Books of the Nevi’im.

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The Joy of Being a Jew “JOBAJ”
Rav Yaakov Yisroel Wenglin

Let’s face it: going to a party is more exciting than davening. Or putting on tefillin.  Or Shabbos.  Why? Because we lack understanding of the basics of Jewish hashkafa. This shiur will fill in the gaps, and help us understand ourselves and our relationship with Hashem.  Topics include truth, deep desires, self-esteem, spiritual reality, emotions, davening, Shabbos, and much more. Once you appreciate and internalize deeper Jewish concepts, you will rejoice in being a Jew!


Hilchos Shabbos
Rav Binyomin Beiser

It is called the holiest day of the week, but other than herring and cholent at the Kiddush, we honestly have no idea of how to make this day special.  In this shiur you will gain clarity on what we should do on Shabbos, what are we not allowed to do, and everything in between! 

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Living and Enjoying Life to the Fullest
Rav Avraham Cabessa

*What’s the key to happiness?

*Why do good people suffer, while the wicked prosper?

*What should I be looking for in a girl?

*How do I know that there’s a G-d if I can’t see him?

Questions like these are discuss in an interactive class based on the teachings of R’ Avigdor Miller Zt”l.  We also outline the foundations of creating a harmonious marriage.


Sichos HaRan
Rav Daniel Glanz

Do you want to excel in life? Then you need good advice. In this shiur, we explore timeless advice and practical suggestions from Rebbe Nachman. You will be inspired to achieve closeness to Hashem and learn how to strive for greatness in avodas Hashem.


Just Ask Why
Rav Yosef Hirschel

What is the purpose of life? Why is Judaism so focused on mitzvos and details? Why do we struggle fulfilling that purpose? This shiur is focused on thought-provoking discussions of essential Jewish issues such as these. Exploring a variety of topics: Emunah and Bitachon, Shabbos, Tefillah, Modesty, and Bein Adam Lchaveiro.


Living Mitzvot: learn it, live it, love it!
Rav David Lovy

Uncover the beauty, depth, and relevance of the mitzvot that we often perform by rote. This shiur guides you to make mitzvot more meaningful, alive and fun through understanding their meaning and purpose. This is not a lecture, rather an interactive shiur with fascinating sources, which will forever alter your approach to mitzvoth.

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Bringing Out Our Best From Within
Rav Avraham Cabessa

Get in touch with your true self and become a real “Mentch.” Based on the teachings of Rabbi Nachman and Chacham Ben Tzion Abba-Shaul, you will analyze and strive to conquer the middot of Jealousy, Desire, Haughtiness, Humility, Simcha, Anger, Scoffing, and more. Learn to be a master of yourself, instead of a slave to your desires.

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The Lost Princess Course:
25 Principles for Inspired Living

Rav Yaakov Klein

This is a life-changing program exploring the foundations of the Chassidic approach to avodas Hashem through the lens of Rebbe Nachman’s iconic tale, The Lost Princess. An in-depth study of R’ Klein’s own commentary, "The Story of Our Lives", this unique framework allows you to explore and master twenty-five principles for inspired living. This course provides a breathtaking wealth of guidance, encouragement, clarity, and deep Torah wisdom, enabling you to live a freer, healthier, and more passionate life.


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Rav Burg's Tanya Shiur

This is an in-depth analysis of the foundational work of Chassidut, Tanya. Join our shiur as we explore the inner world of Torah, develop a relationship with Hashem, all while discovering the story of you.

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Rav Cabessa's Shiur

This shiur focuses on building fundamental skills of learning Gemara, such as text translation and interpreting punctuation, while also covering ground. Hashkafa topics are also woven into this interactive shiur, as we deepen our awareness of HaShem in our lives.


Rav Hirschel's Shiur

This is a fast-paced shiur focusing on practical Halacha that comes out of each daf. Our shiur encourages consistent follow-up chazara, until you truly ‘own’ a masechta and feel the love of learning. Additionally, we introduce each daily session discussing a major topic in hashkafa.


Rav Isaacson's Daf Yomi Shiur

Did you ever want to learn Daf Yomi? This is an intensive bekiut shiur following the international Daf Yomi schedule. The talmidim prepare the daf in advance of the shiur, and then the daf is reviewed in shiur. Multiple Siyumim are made throughout the year!


Rav Levy's  "Rabbi Nachman" Shiur

This generation is thirsty for the deepest, life-changing secrets of the Torah. You will uncover these secrets in this shiur by studying the powerful stories of Rebbi Nachman. These are not bedtime stories, but transformative awakenings for serious soul searchers!


Rav Lovy's Shiur

In this shiur, you will push yourself to master the masechta, and in the process will come to know it and love it! This high-level shiur is fast-paced, but doesn’t compromise on clarity or understanding.  The discussions are highly seasoned with chizuk to keep you pumped and going strong

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Rav Steinherz's Shiur

The mastery of shas starts with one masechta. This is a fast-paced shiur which will help you master the ability to plow through masechta after masechta. You will gain the skills to acquire a breadth of knowledge in all of Shas.


Night Seder

The first slot of Night Seder is dedicated to chazara of your Morning Seder shiur. Chazara is the key to retaining and mastering Gemara.

The second slot of Night Seder also highlights the diversity of the Mevaseret schedule. Talmidim can choose from a wide range of inspiring hashkafa shiurim.

Second Slot Night Seder

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Let’s Get Real
Rav Avishai Alge 

The Torah provides a map how to live our lives. But it can be a daunting task to navigate all of its resources. Through the lens of the great musar and hashkafic masters, we discuss crucial ideas and decipher how this applies to our everyday lives.

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Independent Learning
Rav Yedidya Berzon

In Night Seder, we work through central sugyot in Shas. We take the Gemara itself, the Rishonim and more, and engage in deep intellectual analysis. This process gives talmidim broad insight into the fundamental Gemara topics. 

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Reclaiming the Self
Rav Shlomo David

Who are you? Not your GPA, your favorite sport team, or where you will go to college. These are external things that don’t define the real you. In this shiur, we discover the unique hidden inner world of self. You will learn how to use knowledge of self to succeed in areas of life that really matter.

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Pirkei Avos with Rabbeinu Yonah B’Iyun
Rav Yonatan Dorfman

According to Rav Volbe, Pirkei Avos with the commentary of Rabbeinu Yonah is a crucial pillar holding up a Jew. In this shiur, we analyze each mishna and the peirush, leaving no questions unasked or unanswered. We cover everything from hashkafa, to halacha, from philosophy to practical application.

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Rav Avromy Elberger

In this shiur, we discover how to make the most profitable investment you could ever buy into - yourself. We dig deep by taking a 21st century approach to middot development. Through an interactive, engaging, and honest self-inventory, we define who we really are, the person we want to be, and how to connect the two ends of that bridge.

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Pathways to Piety Inside Out
Rav Jeremy Epstein

In this shiur, we explore a critical and often-ignored element of our growth in Judaism, that being our relationship with ourselves (bein adam l’atzmo). We study different sources, such as Rabbeinu Yona on Pirkei Avos, Rambam Hilchos Teshuva, Alei Shor, to learn about character development, morality, and personality. Through reflection and conversation, you will build a stronger relationship with G-d by finding your own individual pathway to piety.


Depth and Meaning to Life
Rav Yakov Gakner

Are you just going through life just checking off the boxes of what you did - without really thinking about why you did something? When you explore the depth and meaning of Judaism, you can live a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

Growth is a process that starts with reflecting on our lives as independent people.


Exploring your core
Rav Ben 

This is an interactive opportunity for engaging discussions exploring our core Jewish values. Topics span current moral dilemmas to practical character development. The goal is to develop an understanding and enthusiasm for our beliefs and ideals.

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Walking with Hashem
Rav Josh Schultz

Knowing about our relationship with Hashem is great, but bridging the gap from knowing to experiencing can be tough. In this shiur, we pinpoint what we often personally already feel towards Hashem. Then we explore intellectually what our relationship with Him really is, and then strive to bridge the gap between the mind and the heart.


Post-Night Seder

Just because the official learning schedule has ended does not mean that talmidim leave the Beit Midrash. Post-Night Seder is defined by independent learning. Many talmidim commit themselves to extra learning goals, either by learning b’chevruta with their chaveirim or by joining one of the many strong chaburot. Thursday night Mishmar with Rav Gakner is always a highlight, with the additions of special singing, Rav Ben’s famous schmoozes, and hot food.

Post Night Seder Chaburot

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Master Shas Chabura
Rav Shlomo David

Master Shas Chaburah: In this shiur, we learn a special technique to understand and remember information with astounding clarity. Applied to Gemara, the user of this technique walks out of the shiur having learned and mastered a masechta.

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Smichas Chaver Chabura
Rav Yonatan Dorfman

In this kollel-style chabura, you can master a section of halacha. You will also discover how to properly learn halacha in depth. Talmidim that score well on the optional year-end tests receive Smichas Chaver.


Gemara Megila Chabura
Rav Yakov Gakner

In this chabura, we learn a full amud of Gemara each night. The questions on the previous amud serve as a springboard for the next night’s chabura. Talmidim learn to grasp the material and and retain it. We aim to complete the entire Masechet before Purim.


After Night Seder, Shana Alef talmidim have the opportunity to be paired for learning with Shana Bet talmidim. This program creates an energetic and vibrant atmosphere. Late into the night, the Beit Midrash is pulsing with serious learning, deep conversations and budding lifelong friendships.


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An early entrance into kedushat Shabbat, our talmidim come together for the age-old tradition

of erev Shabbat cholent, z’mirot and inspiration. With lights dimmed and powerful singing, Mishmar is the perfect setting to welcome Shabbat. The experience concludes with impactful words of Torah from Rav Gakner and Rav Ben, which attracts students from the spectrum

of yeshivot to join us in this weekly chizzuk.