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Build Your Mevaseret Day!

Morning Seder

Morning Seder at Mevaseret offers Shiurim in Gemara B’Iyun at every level. Seasoned and inspiring Rebbeim guide you to take your skills to the next level, teaching you to become a lifelong learner. They nurture a deep bond with their Talmidim, becoming their Rebbe for life.

Shana Alef


Rav Isaacson's Shiur

“This is a high-level ‘Lomdishe’ Shiur, designed to teach the analytical skills and methodology that you need to learn a Sugya on your own.  The presentation is clear and interactive, with significant give and take between the Rebbe and Talmidim, and between the Talmidim themselves.  You will walk away appreciating the depth, beauty and Geshmak of high-level Gemara learning.”


Rav Hirschel’s Shiur

“In this Shiur, every Talmid gets involved and develops a real love of learning.  The emphasis is on accurate reading of the text and proper understanding of the multiple approaches to the Sugya. The focus on skill-building will empower you to continue learning throughout your life, on whatever path you choose. We also work on individual growth and our relationship with Hashem. The goal is to become more inspired, passionate, and motivated Jews.”


Rav Bloom’s Shiur

“The goal of our Shiur is to develop a love of Torah and a love of Hashem.  Before each Shiur, we discuss a variety of topics on personal development, such as Tefilah, Emunah, and building character traits. The Gemara Shiur itself is aimed at building textual skills and mastering the multiple Sugyot with the Rishonim. You will gain confidence in learning, with increasing accuracy and clarity, and be able to study Gemara independently.”


Rav Apfel's Shiur

“Our Shiur is far from a generic classroom of academic study. It is a dynamic experience which integrates high-level conceptual Gemara analysis with a relaxed and encouraging social atmosphere. If you are looking for in-depth learning and discussions about religious and personal growth, then you will be one of the contributing members of this highly interactive Shiur.”


Rav Ben’s Shiur

“Our Shiur is far from a generic classroom of academic study. It is a dynamic experience which integrates high-level conceptual Gemara analysis with a relaxed and encouraging social atmosphere. If you are looking for in-depth learning and discussions about religious and personal growth, then you will be one of the contributing members of this highly interactive Shiur.”


Rav Elberger's Shiur

"Our Shiur blends together conceptual analysis and careful reading to dig deep into the Neshama of the Sugya. Interactive and engaging, we don't just learn Mefarshim, we learn how to become Mefarshim. Come gain the skills and learn how to creatively mold the Sugya with your mind, heart, and soul. Challenge yourself to find the beauty that comes with mastery and clarity in the Gemara, and have fun! Our goal is to make you the Lamdan that wants to use what he gained, past Yeshiva, and love high level learning for life."


Rav Schrier’s Shiur

To properly navigate and appreciate the depth of Gemara, a Ben Torah must have a “utility belt” of skills to unlock every Sugya that he encounters. In our shiur, we develop the many skills that are necessary to decipher, organize, and savor every Sugya in Shas. By combining Lomdus with careful textual reading, every Talmid can begin learning independently with clarity, precision, and appreciation for the beauty of Hashem’s Torah.

Shana Bet


Rav Saffer’s Shiur

The Shiur approaches the analysis of the Gemara utilizing the Brisker Derech which often results in novel and abstract Halachik concepts. However, like his Rebbi, Ha'Gaon Rav Yehudah Parnes Shlit’a,  Rav Saffer’s Shiur focuses on the learning process.  With guided Seder, daily Shiur and nightly Chazara with their Rebbeim, Rav Saffer’s Shiur provides every Talmid the opportunity to experience Gishmak in Learning and take with him a Derech Ha'Limud for life.


Rav Beiser’s Shiur

Rav Beiser's Shana Bet morning Shiur is both dynamic and demanding.  The Chavrusa learning portion of Seder is guided, but independence is encouraged, both in terms of the textual analysis as well as the search for the underlying logic.  Utilizing classic Rishonim and Acharonim, the goal is to gain proficiency in understanding the nuanced structure of any given Sugya.  The Shiur portion of the morning both clarifies the Meforshim and distills the salient points of the topic at hand so the Talmidim can walk away with a firm grasp on the material.  Clarity and sophistication are the mottos of the shiur, both in and out of the Beis Midrash.


Rav Glanz’s Shiur

The goal of my Iyun Gemara Shiur is to teach the Talmidim how to learn and analyze Gemara. The Shiur is less of a presentation and more interactive in order to involve the Talmidim in understanding the process of thinking behind the Gemara and Rishonim. The hope is that the Talmidim will walk away with a process and method to analyzing Gemara in depth.


Rav Arnold’s Shiur

“This dynamic student-centric environment is geared to the motivated student who wants to sweat!

You won’t be taught what to think - but rather how to think independently about any text you will ever read. Identify the clues that enable deciphering an unfamiliar Gemara fluently. Analyze each step of the process using the methodology of the Rishonim. Focused on collaborative discovery, the Shiur is driven by active learning and energized debate, and not by passive listening to a lecture.  Don’t expect to sit back and relax!
You will hone your analytical skills, and be challenged to support any proposed conclusion with precise textual evidence.  Rather than solely focusing on the content, the shiur aims to equip you with the portable tools to successfully engage in advanced Gemara study for the rest of your life.”

Afternoon Seder

The Mevaseret learning schedule is diverse.
Afternoon Seder has two parts: Gemara Bekiut and Electives.
Gemara Bekiut is available for every skill level. 
All Bekiut Shiurim include Chavruta learning in the Beit Medrash.  Some Bekiut tracks are spent entirely in the Beit Medrash, in interactive learning style with an assigned Rebbe as their guide.
Other Bekiut options include both a formal Shiur and Chavruta time. While some groups complete hundreds of blatt of Gemara and master entire Masechtot, amassing content is not the central goal.  Rather, the focus is on clarity and building fundamental Gemara skills. Bekiut takes your learning to the next level, and this sense of accomplishment remains with you for life.
Elective shiurim cover a variety of topics: Hashkafa, Mussar, Chassidut, Emunah, Halacha, Tanach, and more. Choose the Shiurim that will both excite your mind and ignite your soul.



Rav Daniel Apfel


Rav Berzon


Rav Isaacson

Rav Bloom


Rav Burg's Tanya Shiur

This is an in-depth analysis of the foundational work of Chassidut, Tanya. Join our Shiur as we explore the inner world of Torah, develop a relationship with Hashem, all while discovering the story of you.


Rav Cabessa

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Rav Dykman


Rav Daniel Glanz

Rav Glanz's Bekius Shiur is a hybrid shiur combining the study of Gemara and Chassidus. During the first forty-five minutes, the group covers between half an Amud to a full Amud of Gemara. Afterward, the students are challenged to review the Gemara four times. Then they reconvene for the rest of the seder to delve into Chassidus


Rav Steve Glanz


Rav Levy


Rav Rafi

Our goal in Bekiut is to create a warm atmosphere where the Talmidim enjoy coming to learn, while pushing them to delve into the mesechta. This involves learning new topics, while constantly reviewing the previous material we already covered. In addition to Gemara, we also learn Michtav M'Eliyahu, using that sefer as a springboard for spirited classroom discussions in Jewish philosophy

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Rav Saffer


Rav Samson


Rav Schrier


Rav Steinherz


Rav Tropp


Rav Wenglin



Sugyot B’Ktuvim al pi Machshavat Rav Soloveitchik
Rav Berzon

In this course, we will explore and develop Rav Soloveitchik’s thought and hashkafa by analyzing parts of Ketuvim that underlie the Rav’s complex worldview. We will study the Rav’s interpretation of Sefer Iyov in his masterful essay “Kol Dodi Dofek,” and then we will explore his reading of Shir Hashirim in “Uvikashtem Misham.”

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Rav Burg

Rav Burg leads the boys as they explore the important and relevant life lessons that you will need as your journey through life. What does life look like in 30 years? What are your values? This Shiur bridges the gap between who you are and who you want to be.


Tefillah & Rebbe Nachman's Wisdom
Rav Daniel Glanz

In this Shiur, Rav Glanz and the Talmidim dive into a comprehensive study of the fundamentals of Tefillah. 

Rebbe Nachman's Sefer Sichos HaRan is also analyzed, focusing in on the wisdom we need to fight the Yetzer Hara and grow closer to Hashem.

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Halachic issues related to the workplace, business and commerce

Rav Steve Glanz

This shiur focuses on halachic issues that come up for a frum Jew who is in the working world draws on Rav Glanz’s personal experiences as the CEO of a software company in Tel Aviv as well as many other roles both in Israel and New York. Issues are analyzed from the gemara down to the opinions of contemporary halachic authorities.


The Ladder of Life
Rav Hirschel

Rav Hirschel’s thought-provoking discussions, rooted in Mussar and Hashkafa, discuss how to climb the ladder called LIFE. From Shana Alef, to college, to Dating, Marriage, and the Workforce, how can we live our best life possible? What is my mission in life?


The Philosophy of the Halachic System
Rav Isaacson

This shiur will explore philosophical topics that surround the Halachik system. What is the role of Halacha in our lives?  Should it be the main focus of Jewish life or should it be counterbalanced with other aspects of our relationship with Hashem?   What is the relationship between Halacha and morality?  Does Halacha get influenced and shaped by foreign cultures and ideas?  We will discuss these and much more.

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The Rules of the Game

Rav Rafi

When you want to play a game, the first thing you need to read are the rules. When we talk about trying to improve our connection with Hashem, the most important thing is to familiarize ourselves with the rule book. This is accomplished through learning halacha. In this shiur, we will get a thorough look at different practical Halachos, starting with the Pesukim in the Torah that serve as the foundation of halacha and going to the modern day Poskim.


Kesher l'Tzaddik: Connecting to the Spiritual Giants of our Past and Present
Rav Schrier

Starting from the Tannaim  and Amoraim, we'll weave our way through the giants of our Mesorah. With an occasional mussar rant (or two...), we'll develop a deeper appreciation for true kavod haTorah, gadlus ha'adam, and the giants whose shoulders we still stand on today.

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HaShem and I: Finding Your Personal Connection to HaShem
Rav Steinherz

Even after we have been inspired to rekindle our relationship with HaShem, soon after we often feel very lost. We feel as if we are a passive participant in this relationship, just being commanded to do as we are told. G-d might be present but the “ I “ is not.  In this shiur we learn to make our Avodas HaShem personal.  A relationship needs two parties involved. Let us awaken the “ I” in your relationship with the Almighty.

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The Joy of Being a Jew (JOBAJ)
Rav Wenglin

Let’s face it: it’s simply more fun and exciting to go to a concert or a ballgame or a party than it is to daven Shacharis.  Or to put on tefillin.  Or to keep Shabbos.  Or to…   You get the point.   In this shiur -- G-d willing! -- we will come to understand our selves, our relationship with Hashem, and the Joy Of Being A Jew.  You might even graduate from JOBAJ making your “asher yatzar” with the same joy and passion as if you won the Super Bowl!

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Beis Medrash Learning

Learn what you choose, under the guidance of an assigned rebbi.  Learning can be either solo or b'chavrusa.

Night Seder

The first slot of night Seder consists of Chazara of morning Seder Shiur and our Shana Alef–Shana Bet Chavruta program. Chazara is instrumental in attaining true mastery of the Gemara, and the Chavruta program offers our students a chance to connect, learn with, and learn from our more experienced Talmidim. 


During the second slot of Night Seder, Talmidim choose from a wide range of inspiring Hashkafa Shiurim, highlighting Mevaseret’s diverse schedule. 

Second Slot Night Seder

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Sefer Ha'Chinuch: Mussar Topics
Rav Leybovich

This is an interactive opportunity for engaging discussions exploring our core Jewish values. Topics span current moral dilemmas to practical character development. The goal is to develop an understanding and enthusiasm for our beliefs and ideals.

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Eyes Wide Open: In-Depth Judaism
Rav Steinherz

Most of us grew up being taught how to “do” Judaism. None of us were taught why. We walk through life being blind to the actual depth and meaning behind our relationship with G-d. In this Shiur we challenge everything. We explore all the questions that need to be answered; Does G-d exist, Why did G-d create the world, What does G-d want from me, and most importantly, Why should I care. No question is taboo. In a blunt and open way, we will answer the “Why” behind all that we do and be able to walk through life with our “Eyes Wide Open”.


"Building Blocks"
Rav Epstein

What are our core values? How do we set our goals? In this shiur we turn to various hashkafic and mussar sources to explore how to face the journey of life. Through interactive discussions and open conversations, this shiur gives the boys building blocks as they turn to the Torah to learn the values and principles with which to lead their lives.

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Practical and level-headed approach to concepts in Judaism
Rav Katz

Many feel lost when it comes to the most basic concepts in Judaism. Things such as Teshuvah,Tefillah and a person's unique place in this world may seem out of reach. In this course we attempt to address these issues while, as the same, creating a relaxed atmosphere where different ideas, experiences, and feelings can be expressed by the Talmidim.

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Middot for 5784
Rav Elberger

In this Shiur, we discover how to make the most profitable investment you could ever buy into - yourself! We dig deep by taking a 21st century approach to Middot development. Through an interactive, engaging, and honest self-inventory, we define who we really are, the person we want to be, and how to connect the two ends of that bridge. At the end of the week we transition into Shabbos by living through a classic piece of Ramban on that week's Parsha.

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Pirkei Avot
Rav Dorfman

According to Rav Volbe, Pirkei Avos with the commentary of Rabbeinu Yonah is a crucial pillar holding up a Jew. In this shiur, we analyze each Mishna and the Peirush, leaving no questions unasked or unanswered. We cover everything from Hashkafa, to Halacha, from philosophy to practical application.

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In-Depth Chassidut
Rav Schulz

Knowing about our relationship with Hashem is great, but bridging the gap from knowing to experiencing can be tough. In this Shiur, we pinpoint what we often personally already feel towards Hashem. We explore intellectually what our relationship with Him really is, and then strive to bridge the gap between the mind and the heart.

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Mesorah and History
Rav Binyamin Glanz

While we spend so much time learning the words of the rishonim, we oftentimes know very little about them. In this shiur we will iyh try to get to know some of the gedolei rishonim and achronim, in terms of their opinions, methods, personalities, and where they came from.

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Getting to Know our Best Friend:
The Yetzer Hara

Rav Solomon

We have many misconceptions about the Yetzer Hara. Why would Hashem create something that constantly tries to drive us further and further away from Him? In reality, the Yetzer Hara is our greatest tool to achieve spiritual clarity and dveikus with Hashem, if we can just get to know him a little better. In this shiur, we explore and learn to channel this amazing tool

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Gemara B'Iyun Chazara
Shana Bet

Shana Alef Talmidim are given the opportunity to use the second half of night seder to work on their Iyun reading skills in the Beis Medrash, with Rav Daniel Apfel on hand to guide and assist them

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Post-Night Seder

Night Seder may be over, but the learning doesn’t end there! In our Post-Night Seder program, many Talmidim commit themselves to extra learning goals, either by learning B’Chavruta with Chaveirim or by joining one of the many Chaburot taking place. Chaburot include Bekiut & Alei Shur with Rav Steinherz, Iyun Halacha with Rav Dorfman, Fire Mussar with Rav Schrier and Thursday night Mishmar with Rav Ben, something the Talmidim look forward to all week.

Post Night Seder Shiurim


Halacha and Parasha Chabura
Rav Gold

In this chabura we focus on different Halachic topics related to the Parasha, specifically such which are not frequently learned or thought in Yeshiva. 

If you're looking to broaden your Torah knowledge and explore unique and unknown areas in Halacha and Hashkafa, this Chabura is for you.

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Bekiut In-Depth
Rav Daniel Apfel

A twice a week interactive shiur in which we take a deeper look at some of the concepts and ideas that came up in the Bekiut seder that week.

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Alei Shur & Mesillat Yesharim
Rav Steinherz

The path of true growth to become a Ben Torah is one which is unfamiliar to most. It is a path wrought with unique challenges and many pitfalls. The roads of true Aliyah are many and confusing, and it is easy to get lost along the way. Through the words of the great Mashgiach, Rav Shlomo Volbe zt”l, we find the correct path to becoming an everlasting Ben Aliyah.

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Iyun Halacha Chabura
Rav Dorfman

In this Kollel-style Chabura, you can master a section of Halacha. You will also discover how to properly learn Halacha in depth. Talmidim that score well on the optional year-end tests receive Smichas Chaver.

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Continuing Your Growth and the Responsibility for the Growth of Others After Your Yeshiva Years
Rav Solomon

In Yeshiva, we plant the seeds for a life of growth in love and passion for Judaism. However, when leaving the spiritually uplifting environment of Yeshiva into the real world, many are overwhelmed by the sudden transition. In this shiur, we will discuss how to handle some of the classic challenges talmidim face after yeshiva. We will also explore how to uplift peers who struggle.

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Halacha Seder
Rav David

Currently focusing on Mishna Berura on Halachot of waking up in the morning.

Monday Night Munchies & Chaburot

Monday nights are a highlight of the week with fleish munchies and small Chaburot learning. Chaburot are made up of a mix of 4-5 Shana Alef and Shana Bet Talmidim, with each guy in the Chaburah rotating and sharing an idea each week.

Fire Mussar with Rav Schrier

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What does sincerity in Avodat Hashem look like? How do we develop a true sense of self? In his Mussar Schmoozes, Rav Schrier weaves together sources from Chazal, classical Mussar works, and Chassidut to develop pertinent messages that address the concerns and questions of the developing Ben Torah.

Mishmar With Rav Ben

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