What Parents Say

April 6th, 2015

“There are times when parents wonder if the massive amounts of money spent on tuition, for day school, college, and yeshiva, are worth it.  The answer varies depending on what the child gets out of each institution, the friendships he develops, and how he incorporates what he has learned into his life.  While I always felt that the money spent on a day school education was worth it (and I would do it again), I have to say that the money spent on Shimon’s time at Mevaseret was a stone-cold bargain.  Shimon was always, B”H, a mature and kind child, but the transformation his mother and I have seen since his return from Israel is nothing short of amazing.  His dedication to learning and growing in Torah seems genuine and strong, and I pray that it will be a part of him for his entire 120 years.

We are spending Pesach with my in-laws in Teaneck.  At shul, I ran into an acquaintance who told me his son will be starting at Mevaseret in the fall.  I told him what an excellent choice he had made.  More importantly, I said to him that the true excellence of Mevaseret is not that they take your son away and replace him with someone altogether different and unrecognizable, but rather that they take your son and return him to you greatly improved, polished and refined, but still 100% your son.  That’s a much more difficult thing to accomplish than to program boys into automatons, who are fully Torah-compliant, but no longer the unique, special child you painstakingly raised for 18 years.  This accomplishment of retaining the boys’ individuality and character, while at the same time instilling in them a desire to learn, behave and grow as b’nei Torah, as the Visa commercials say, is priceless.   As I told Rabbi Isaacson, my wife and I are forever indebted to Mevaseret (especially for the accommodation that made it possible for Shimon to stay beyond January), and we will not forget the fine people like yourself who are responsible for Shimon’s growth over the past year and a half.

With gratitude to Hashem, you, and everyone at Mevaseret, and wishes for a Chag Samayach to you and your family,

Phillip Slepian”

-Elizabeth, N.J., father of Shimon Slepian, YSMZ 5774


“When a parent sends their child to Israel for a year, they do so with great hope and anticipation (not to mention sacrifice). It takes a lot for an 18 year old American boy to become a young adult Torah Jew, one who truly loves Am Yisrael, Eretz Yisrael and Torat Yisrael. After a year in Mevaseret, it all finally “clicked” for my son. Everything we have tried to instill in him since kindergarten in yeshiva day school finally hit home. And in Mevasseret, he, indeed found a warm, nurturing home with Rabbeim who are wonderful role models.”

– Robert Katz (New Milford, NJ) father of Jason Katz YSMZ 5771 (TABC)


“Wow!!! What an amazing experience and trip these boys were treated to! Thank you so much for all you have done and do for our son and all the bochrim. I’m sure these memories will be stories they will pass on to their children and grandchildren one day, please G-d.”


“The awesomeness of this trip brings tears to my eyes. What a way to experience a different aspect of the kedushah of our beautiful Eretz Yisrael. B”H the boys were all touched spiritually as well as having the most possible fun. Your descriptions are so vivid! You are a wonderful writer. I feel as though I could see what you described!”


“Thanks for sending updates.  I am so happy to hear about all the wonderful things that are happening at Mevaseret.  Josh tells me he is happy and is learning Torah and having fun. Continue to send updates…”


“It is so wonderful to hear about the boys’ experience over this momentous Yom Tov and in general, we so appreciate your updates. Having Aryeh so far from home is tough and even a week without speaking to him is hard as well. He has shared some great things with me as well.  I sense he’s thriving in this environment…This brings back so many memories from my year at BMT (83-84) and I hope to derive some ruchnios of my own as Aryeh experiences this year with you.”


“Just wanted to let you know that we appreciate the news highlights from Rav Isaacson as they are very informative and give us a great feel for what the boys are experiencing on a daily/weekly basis. Please keep them coming!”


“Rav Rav todot. This is more than we could have hoped for. Much appreciated – and may Hakadosh Baruch Hu bless you to reach each talmid in his own best way…”


“Thank you so much Rav Isaacson, David & I have also been very moved by the beautiful emails you have been sending out.  Our son, Yoni, left us a beautiful voicemail message after shabbos telling us about the amazing shabbos he had experienced…we were very happy to hear it! Overall, he is very much enjoying this amazing new experience of yeshiva life.”


“Baruch Hashem! That is quite a feat, with big fingers on little buttons! Hope you had a great shabbes by the time you get this. What an important job you have, guiding kids at such a crucial time in their lives. Be matzliach. I am in the same profession blessedly, working in Early Childhood. It’s amazing. All these decades, and not one day of boredom or feeling wasted. Such a zchut B”H!”


“Please also pass along our deep appreciation to Rav Isaacson and Rav Burg for spending so much time with us and truly helping us understand the uniqueness of your yeshiva.  It’s quite a wonderful place, and we both appreciate your dedication to the school and the talmidim.  And are highly impressed with the vibrant Torah atmosphere you’ve all created at Mevaseret.”


“Please pass this message on to R. Isaacson in addition to others who assisted my son Zachary and me during our visit last week. Thank you for the time you spent to show us around the Yeshiva and to make us feel welcome. We very much appreciated the time we spent there and were very impressed. You have a very special makom Torah.”


“Just as a sidebar, Michael loves Yeshiva and I am thrilled he is taking the opportunities he is being given to learn and enjoy his learning. Please let his Rabbaim know that Michael is enjoying all his shiurim and is really benefiting from all of them. I am so happy to hear his excitement and enthusiasm when he tells me about his shiurim and his times with his Rabbaim.  You seem to have an exceptional staff of Rabbaim with special talents for instilling the drive to learn and enjoy learning.”


“Just a brief note to thank you (and your family), the Rebbeim (and their families), Madrichim, Moe, and the rest of an amazing staff.  While not being present in your shiur with Jonathan, or the additional classes/shiurim with Jonathan, or in the Bais with Jonathan and the numerous individuals he spends time learning with, it is apparent to me that Jonathan has grasped a great deal of the program of the Yeshiva – and is thriving. And it is not only the formal learning program that has enabled Jonathan to grow in many Ben Torah levels while attaining a true level of happiness – it is a masterful combination of learning, social programming and most importantly – the true caring for Jonathan as a talmid, student, individual – by the entire staff.  Although I can go on and on, as I said, this is a brief note. It would be greatly appreciated if you would convey this message from our household to the staff.”


“…It will be our pleasure to continue passing on the hakarat hatov we feel about you all to others. Just tonight I was at my school dinner, SAR Academy in RIverdale NY, and I spoke to so many who asked about my children. It was an easy thing to say how beautiful the program is, and how special that Abe was able to share Torah learning with Moshe. Also how happy Moshe is being there and how well you keep us informed. Sowing seeds! B”H we will continue to do this. Abe can’t say enough good about his time there, and tonight after I came home and he is up and about in Eretz Hakodesh, he shared some details with me, esp. how  much he loved doing real learning with Moshe, and how well the day was set up. I was wondering how kids (especially mine/ours) managed to sit all day, but with the getting up, moving to another area, then back again, a little break here and there, it becomes doable :) I too look forward to meeting you B”H one day, although there are so many people that pass through the portals of your life that it is impossible to keep track of everyone.  I know! I am a Morah! Tonight as every year, hundreds of people greet me. Most of them I know, but there are a few parents of kids I have taught over the decades, who look familiar, but I have no idea which child they belong to! No wonder I couldn’t be an eid (ah) in court! There are many who have become personal friends, and hugs and kisses abounded (with the wives of course!). SO yasher koach again for this FABULOUS week – a once in a lifetime experience…”