Request a Transcript

Transcript Policies and Procedure

Releasing Transcripts:

The yeshiva releases transcripts of students with a financially clear account.  All outstanding balances must be addressed before requesting transcripts.

Requesting Transcripts:

Transcript requests are processed when the yeshiva office is open: Sunday through Thursday during office hours (Israel time). Requests cannot be processed on holidays or Erev Yom Tov.

Transcript requests are made through the yeshiva website.  Only the student or his parents are authorized to request.  Transcripts are sent within 30 days of request.   In case of urgency, express service for transcripts incurs a fee, per the policy stated below.

Delivery of Transcripts

When transcripts are sent, the office will send delivery notification by email.

Transcripts personally retrieved by the student do not require prior authorization. If another person is retrieving the transcript, he must have written permission from the student or parents (on paper or by email).

RECOMMENDED: Requests for digital transcripts must include email address, name and title of receiver. Digital transcripts are signed, stamped, and scanned versions of the official hardcopy. These are emailed as an attachment.

Request for mailed transcripts must include full mailing address, including the name of receiver.  Please allow a minimum of 4 weeks for delivery from Israel.

Requests for faxed transcripts must include a fax number, name and title of receiver.

Cost of Transcripts:

Within two years of Shana Alef, the first 2 hard copies of each transcript are issued free of charge.  Additional hard copies cost $15.

Express delivery service costs $30 (via email or fax) or $75 (via DHL).