Student Visa

Student Passport & VISA

 In order to spend a year in Israel, you must have a visa (unless you are an Israeli citizen.  Israeli citizens enter Israel with their Israeli passport. If this applies to you and you don’t already have one, please take care of obtaining a valid Israeli passport now as well as whatever paperwork you need for an army deferment).

Each year we review the system with the proper authorities and decide how to proceed.  For this coming year we will process all visas upon arrival here in Israel. This means you need not schlep to your local consulate!  However, this also means we need your cooperation with the processing fee and some paperwork, when required. The amount this year was 165 NIS – but they sometimes increase the amount by approx. 5-10 NIS annually). Please ensure you are prepared with $55 in cash or by credit card to cover the processing of the visa. We will collect the visa fee upon arrival at Yeshiva.

In addition, please check your passport and make sure that it is valid at least through JUNE 2014. This will help you avoid any potential pitfalls that sometimes come with international travel (many countries require that one’s passport be valid for six months or one full year beyond date of entry. By making sure your passport is valid for a year beyond the “year in Israel” period, you will know for sure that you will not need to renew your passport while in Israel).

Please note that passport applications in the United States take a very long time these days (unless you send away for expedited service which is expensive – and still can take a relatively long time. There are special services that will do it even faster than government “expedited”-– but they are even more expensive!). Therefore we strongly recommend you take care of this now, if necessary, so you do not have a problem applying for a visa or traveling internationally.

Please let us know if you have any questions.