Rav Zvi Herman


Education: B.A. – Yeshiva University; M.A. – Azrieli School of Jewish Education; Semicha – Yeshiva University (RIETS), Gruss Kollel


Rav Zvi is another Mevaseret Talmid who has come back home to serve on our illustrious staff. His incredible ability to relate to the guys is a function of his warm personality, and his experience as a YSMZ talmid himself. Rav Zvi brings us his many talents – he is an accomplished author, musician, and collegiate athlete. Rav Zvi is always available for a schmooze or just to hang out, giving talmidim an incredible role model to identify with and relate to.

Rav Zvi serves many capacities in the yeshiva. He is an on-campus rebbe, night-seder rebbe, Intramurals commissioner, coach/player of the football team, and Poland Trip coordinator. But his many roles don’t limit his ability to relate to the guys. Rav Zvi’s house is always open to the talmidim for schmoozing, a good meal, or even to watch football games. Rav Zvi’s Night Seder is quite popular as talmidim cover a wide range of sources relating to the Weekly Parsha, enhancing their reading skills and increasing their knowledge of Chumash, Halacha, Midrash, and Gemara.

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