Rav Yedidya Berzon – Rosh Mosdos Mevaseret


Education: Semicha – Rav Hirschprung; Hesder Yeshiva – Yeshivat Har Etzion, Mekor Chaim


Having finished Shas at seventeen, Rav Yedidya is one of the most phenomenal Talmidei Chachamim on the entire Israel scene. Most people with Rav Yedidya’s capabilities sit in the ivory tower of the truly gifted, but not Rav Yedidya. He is accessible to the boys of the Yeshiva on every level. For the last eighteen years Rav Yedidya’s shiurim have spanned the length of Shas and Poskim but it’s his special affection for the Talmidim that sets him apart. From his world famous “Rav Yedidya Barbeques,” to one-on-one chavrutot and everything in between, Rav Yedidya is the consummate Rebbe.

While overseeing every facet of the Yeshiva, Rav Yedidya also continues to actively participate in the chinuch of the Yeshiva, spending numerous hours each day in the Beit Midrash learning with boys. Rav Yedidya also delivers very popular shiurim and inspiring schmoozes, which position our Talmidim for future success in all areas of their lives. Additionally, Rav Yedidya is the official Alumni Rebbe, as he regularly travels back to the States to deliver shiurim to our Talmidim and maintain a kesher with them. Starting his teaching career at the young age of nineteen, Rav Yedidya has well over one thousand Talmidim and talmidot with whom he continues to keep a kesher. Rav Yedidya is constantly receiving phone calls from our alumni seeking guidance in every facet of their lives and it is not uncommon for him to be mesader kiddushin at the weddings of his Talmidim. Because of Rav Yedidya’s efforts, there is no such thing as a former talmid of YSMZ.  When you are a talmid at Mevaseret, you are a talmid for life!

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