Rav Kfir Dadon


Education: Yeshivat Aderet Eliyahu; Semicha – Meretz Kollel Teacher’s Institute


To say that Rav Kfir is a jack of all trades is a gross understatement. He has served as a community Rabbi for the Magen Avraham Congregation in the city of Kiryat Gat and in various other Torani positions. He has published various Halachic essays and books and serves as a Shochet, Sofer Stam and Mohel to the Mevaseret Zion Community. Rav Kfir’s shiurim focus on the study of all halachot of writing Stam, including Simanei HaLimud, as well as practical classes in writing. He offers an additional course on various topics in Shechita and Kashrut, as well as topics for students from a Sephardic background. Talmidim that take advantage of Rav Kfir will gain broad based knowledge in all areas of Yahadut.

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