Rav Daniel Katz


Education: Semicha – Yeshiva University; MA, Jewish Education – Azrieli Graduate School; B.A. Economics – Yeshiva University; Katz Kollel – Yeshiva University under Rav Herschel Schachter


Rav Katz is perhaps the best-kept secret in YSMZ. A tireless worker who never is “out of the office,” Rav Katz is also a master educator, specializing in gemara skills and reading. Rav Katz does most of his work behind the scenes in the Mevaseret Office, but somehow he finds time this year to give a Shana Bet morning seder, helping the boys hone their reading and making them attentive to nuances in gemara and rishonim. It is a rare shabbos where boys are NOT invited over to Rav Katz’s house, as his hospitality is renown amongst the talmidim. Rav Katz is a veteran of the yeshiva circuit, having previously worked at Yeshivas Torat Shraga and Yesodei HaTorah, and he brings a wealth of experience to Mevaseret’s staff.

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