Rav Daniel Glanz – Mashgiach


Education: Semicha – Lander College; B.A. (Psychology)


Possessing degrees in psychology, Smicha from Beit Medrash L’Talmud, and advanced certification as an RIA, Rav Daniel Glanz has an established reputation for the skill he brings towards the development of the individual student, as well as to institutions as a whole. A close student of Rav Yehuda Parnes, Rav Glanz was a member of the founding staff of  Lander College for Men and an integral part of its ultimate success. Having taught in several Israeli yeshivot,  Rav Glanz brought his considerable talents to YSMZ, where he serves as Mashgiach Ruchani and is a beloved Rebbe and mentor to our students. As Mashgiach, Rav Glanz sets the spiritual tone. He offers an eclectic combination of the time he spent learning in Tzfat, his worldly black-belt Karate background, dynamic classes, and an approachable nature to ensure the optimum atmosphere and well-being of each YSMZ talmid. He and his family live near the yeshiva and their home is famous for its warmth, unparalleled Friday night ’tisches,’ shabbosim, events, and welcoming environment.

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