Packing List

     Wondering what to bring?

Here’s our recommended list:


Towels, fitted sheets, flat sheets, warm blanket/summer blanket, SLEEPING BAG, duvet, pillow(s), laundry bag.

To avoid schlepping heavy bedding, we recommend YESHIVA LINENS!! They offer quality linen products for Talmidim, and they deliver directly to the Yeshiva. For details, visit:


Light-weight cotton slacks, warm slacks and/or corduroys, button-down shirts with collars, white button-down shirts for Shabbat, numerous pairs of underwear & socks, pajamas, warm sweaters for Shabbat & weekdays, summer suit(s), winter suit(s), water-repellent winter jacket, light-weight winter jacket, ties, comfortable shoes for everyday, shoes for Shabbat, water-repellent boots for winter.

Please note: The Yeshiva dress code requires students to wear shirts with collars, long pants (no jeans), and shoes or sandals with socks.  White dress shirts are required for Shabbat.

Hiking & Sports

Baseball cap for hiking, hiking pants & T-shirts, hiking shoes, sneakers, sports clothes, bathing suit, canteens, SLEEPING BAG, disposable cameras (water-proof), mosquito spray, sun block, goggles, sports equipment such as baseball & baseball glove, basketball, etc.


Prescription drugs you may need and a copy of the prescription in case you need a replacement. The prescription should contain the “generic” name of the medication.

Miscellaneous Items

Toiletries (including a year’s supply of contact lens solution, if applicable), an extra pair of glasses (if applicable), notebooks, pens, batteries, alarm clock, etc.

Please note:

  • Expensive electronics, cameras, etc. are NOT RECOMMENDED.
  • Laptop computers, iPads, DVD players and any equipment capable of playing movies are STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

Pocket Money:

We highly discourage students from bringing cash in large amounts for use during the school year. The Yeshiva cannot take responsibility for loss or theft.

We recommend use of credit cards or debit cards. Credit cards are an easy way to make local purchases throughout the country. MasterCard and Visa are the most accepted cards.


Because of the limited amount of weight allowed by the airlines, we encourage our talmidim to buy their sefarim once they’ve arrived in Israel. Mevaseret arranges a Sefarim Sale at the yeshiva during the first week of zman, where students can purchase the required sefarim at a discounted price.

General Expenses:


The Yeshiva has washing machines and dryers available for students’ use at the cost of approx. NIS 14 per load. In addition, there is a laundromat in the mall in Mevaseret Zion. Dry cleaning is also available.


Round-trip fare to and from Jerusalem is approx. NIS 15 per trip. Bus fare for destinations on “free” Shabbatot depends on the distance. A local taxi company is available for students’ convenience.


Spending money, money for sefarim, snack food, bus fare, gifts for Shabbat, etc.

Safety of Belongings & Money:

Combination locks and keys are provided on all dormitory doors. We urge all students to keep their rooms locked at all times in order to ensure the safety of belongings. Personal property insurance is available for a separate fee from our insurance agent (see form enclosed in the handbook). The Yeshiva is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

A safe is available for students’ use and may be used to store all items, excluding passports.


Each student is required to pay a $150 security deposit on arrival. This will be used only in the case of damage caused to Yeshiva property, and will be refunded upon leaving Yeshiva at the end of the year. Kindly prepare a check for this amount to be handed in upon arrival at Yeshiva.