Medical Insurance

The Yeshiva annually arranges for a group health policy for all students. Health insurance is provided by a private Israeli insurance company. Coverage for the medical/hospitalization plan is mandatory and for a full academic year only.  Students who stay for the summer must extend their policies at their own expense. Doctors are available in close proximity to the campus, as well as a short drive away in one of Jerusalem’s reputable medical centers.

Please note: The Yeshiva requires that every student maintain his local country’s medical coverage in the event that a student must return home for further medical treatment. Students are encouraged to consult with their local physicians regarding inoculations required/recommended for a year’s stay inIsrael (Hepatitis A/B, Tetanus, etc.).

You do not need to purchase the policy from Egert & Cohen; we will take care of that for you. We require only that you pay for the policy as detailed in the registration letter and send us a complete medical form prior to arrival in Yeshiva. Kindly note that we will be unable to accommodate talmidim if we do not receive the medical form prior to their arrival.

If you would like more information on the policy, please contact our insurance agent:

Egert & Cohen Insurance: +972-2-623-2546