Rav Mordechai Burg – Menahel


Education: Kollel Elyon & Semicha – Lander College; B.A. (Special Education, Judaic Studies)- Lander College


Prior to joining the Hanhala of YSMZ, Rav Burg was one of the outstanding Talmidim here at Yeshivat Mevaseret. Upon returning to the states, Rav Burg, a founding member at Lander College for Men, pursued his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Special Education and Judaic Studies. He learned in their Kollel, and was a founding member of Kollel Elyon as well. Rav Burg earned his Semicha, while learning B’Chavruta with Rav Yehuda Parnes, a world renowned Lamdan and Talmid Chacham. In 2008, Rav Burg made Aliyah and rejoined the Mevaseret family, bringing new life to the Yeshiva. Starting out as morning and afternoon Seder Rebbe, it was not a year later that Rav Burg was offered position of Menahel of the Yeshiva, overseeing all aspects of the smooth functioning of Mevaseret. Rav Burg is constantly looking to advance and upgrade, using his warmth and innovation to motivate students and staff alike to utilize the gifts they have. Rav Burg’s Shiurim are dynamic, engaging, and entertaining, spanning all areas of Torah, Tefillah, and Hashkafa, along with contemporary Jewish life. He draws inspiration from the classic Rishonim, and includes a range of sources from Rav Samson Rafael Hirsch, and Rav Soloveitchik, to the Tanya, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, and the Lubavitcher Rebbe, as well as modern psychology. Rav Burg is a well sought after international speaker, invited by many affiliations to deliver inspiring and poignant lectures. But more than anything, Rav Burg is known and beloved by all for the close connection he maintains with his Talmidim, challenging and supporting them to bring out their very best.

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