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Can my son leave Israel for a simcha in Chutz LaAretz?

As a rule, students are not permitted to leave Israel during their year in Israel, except for the Pesach Bein Hazmanim break. Any other trips abroad require an official request to be submitted and permission from the Administration.

Does my son need to bring all the required seforim with him?

During the first week of school, a mobile bookstore sets up shop on campus to provide students with all the required seforim. If there are any special seforim which your son has at home, such as a dictionary he enjoys using (whether on the official list or not), he should bring them along.

How can I contact my son's rabbis?

All rabbis can receive e-mail or a fax via our office. Some rabbis will be happy to provide you with their private phone numbers or e-mail on request.

How will my son do his laundry?

There are coin-operated laundry machines and dryers in each dormitory. There are also Laundromat and dry cleaning services in the Mevaseret Zion mall.

Is it compulsory for my son to attend all trips/Shabbatot?

All trips and Shabbatot are an integral part of the year's program and your son's experience of Yeshiva and Israel. Under extenuating circumstances, such as illness, students may submit a form requesting to be excused, which will be reviewed by the Administration.

We do not have any family in Israel.

The dormitory is open all year round so your son is welcome to stay at Yeshiva. Campus Rabbeim often host students for meals in their homes over Optional Shabbatot. Meals will be provided in the Yeshiva Chadar Ochel throughout Shabbat, provided your son informs his madrich and/or the office in advance that he will be staying in for Shabbat. (Forms for this purpose are usually distributed prior to Shabbat.)

What are the office hours at Mevaseret?

The Yeshiva office on campus is open during the following hours: Sun & Thurs: 8:30am - 3:00pm Mon & Wed: 8:30am - 4:00pm Tues: 8:30am - 5:00pm The office is closed on Fridays, Erev Chag, Chagim, Chol Hamoed and Yom Haatzmaut.

What does three meals a day include?

Students enjoy three full meals daily. Breakfast consists of one or two hot main dishes which vary from day to day, such as eggs, pancakes or French toast – and salad, cheese, yoghurt, cereal and bread are also offered every day. Lunch and dinner each consist of a buffet, including soup, one main course, two side dishes, bread, salads and fruit. (Lunch is milchiks and supper is fleishiks.) Juice, water, coffee and tea are available throughout the day during meals and outside the Beit Midrash. On Thursday night, pizza is offered to students for mishmar. Shabbat meals in Yeshiva include an upgraded menu with soda, desserts and special treats.

What does tuition include?

Tuition includes the entire educational program, full room & board (i.e. 3 meals a day) all Tiyulim, Shabbatonim and other special events.

What is an In Shabbat?

An In Shabbat is compulsory – students stay in for Shabbat, and there is a set program over Shabbat including meals, divrei Torah, shiurim, tisch on Friday night, melave malka on Motzei Shabbat, etc. Yeshiva Rabbeim who do not live on campus or guest rabbis join for these Shabbatot.